We Jyothi Oil Mill from understanding the goodness of producing healthy food products from many years. Our vision is to manufacture wood pressed oils and food products naturally and healthily through a well-planned process. From the beginning to date, we have been able to adapt to the mission of serving 10000+ active customers by prioritizing their well-being. Down the pipeline, we have proudly stayed authentic while simultaneously adapting to technological changes. At Jyothi's Oil Mill, we source our raw materials from the local farm after a thorough quality check. From sourcing raw materials to sending out products to our customers, we stand by our ethics and amp up our way to be responsible every possible way.

Raw meterials: We source raw materials only from organic farms and are concious of the well being of our coustomers

The environmental friendly making: We make our oil products in an environmentally friendly way and are strictly against adding chemical element that are harmful to health

No hurry policy:Every raw materials and product takes its own time to get ready. We never artificially speed up the processs

Clean and concious packing: We pack our product under strict surveillance and concentrate on quality packing for durability

We follow 4C's fraimwork

About Us

Jyothi Oil Mill commenced its journey over a period of decades it has become the leading manufacturer of Edible Oils in India. Our product portfolio consists of Safflower oil, Groundnut oil. We produce and sell oils under the brand name of KUSUMBA PURE®.

Jyothi Oil Mill owns the legacy of supplying the best Edible Oils which add taste and flavor to any food item. It has always been applauded for its purity, freshness and superior quality by customers. As a consequence, Jyothi Oil Mill has become a trusted brand across our nearby places.

KUSUMBA PURE ® is a premium edible oil brand and is a household name with Indian consumers who use our products regularly as a healthy cooking medium. An experience of four decades and extensive market research on consumer taste preferences is the secret of our success.

Years of quality service, a well-maintained distributor network and strong support of our business associates has won us a huge clientele not only in India, but also abroad. The company is continuously progressing and achieving new heights.